Message from Principal's Desk

Mr. Balwant Singh Mandla


Dear Parents,
It is universally acknowledged fact that nations are moulded in class rooms at the hands of teachers. The education plays a vital role in Socio-economic and Cultural transformation of a society, besides effecting all round development of the personality of the children. The balanced growth of mind, body and soul of a child is also ensured through various extra-curricular activities in our educational institute.

Dr. S. Radhakrishan has said that the kind of education that is imparted must not only be broad but should also be deep. We are lacking in depth. We may become learned and skilled but if we do not have some kind of purpose in our life, our lives become blind, blundering and bitter. For a truly cultured mind, there is need for a single mindedness and dedication to a single purpose. For the uncultured mind, the whole life is scattered in many directions.

Education, therefore, should give not merely learning and skill but with definite purpose in life. A purpose which held good centuries ago may not hold good today in view of the rapidly changing socio-culture conditions of our country and of the world. So the purpose which young learners adopt in their lives must be adapted to the needs of the present day requirements with futuristic approach.

Every human being has to develop the quality of considerateness, kindness and compassion, with self-control, and restraint.
A student lead a comfortable life. A true student must become an ardent worker, leading a strenuous : disciplined life. In order to embrace these ideals, I opted for the job of a teacher. A teacher is a builder of a nation and the backbone of a society. A selfless teacher dedicated to his job in high esteem. In my humble capacity of a teacher, I have tried to act as a true guide to the student community and provide them all that is needed to shape them to face the challenges of life.